Renewed Living / Emmaus Haven of Venango

Making homelessness in Venango County rare, brief and non-recurring. 

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Renewed Living d/b/a Emmaus Haven of Venango County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

In June 2016, Emmaus Haven embarked on two essential and successful partnerships to begin
their non-profit organization debt free. One was with Venango County Housing Services
(VCHS) and one was with Mustard Seed Missions (MSM) of Venango County.

Emmaus Haven obtained and refurbished, with assistance from Mustard Seed Missions, a
building at 1269 Liberty Street in Franklin PA. EH rents space to VCHS for its Bridge Housing
Program on the third floor which contains three apartments which can house two people each.
Bridge Housing is for those who are transitioning from homeless shelters.  The average stay is 77 days
and the apartments are at 93% occupancy at 
any given time. There is a life coach who assists residents
to obtain the life and budgeting skills 
necessary for successful transition into permanent
housing. The program has been extremely 
successful; those that moved to permanent
housing have not lapsed into homelessness again.

Emmaus Haven is in the process of refurbishing a former parish hall at 580 Colbert Avenue in Oil City, PA. 
This property has been vacant for several years and needs internal and external modifications to safely 
accommodate up to 16 beds for homeless individuals, as well as a small internal apartment for full-time housing staff.